Holy Island

Lindisfarne is cut off from the mainland twice a day by the tide. There was only the wooden church and a few poor houses. The monks lived frugally on simple food. He converted those monks who still favoured the Celtic customs to the roman way. He still preached and visited people in the countryside and reports of his prophecies and miracles and healing made him quite famous.

He would spend time singing or making something with his hands. He also spent time praying and walking around the island observing all that was there.
His priestly vestments were of plain undyed wool.

When he decided this was to close to others, he was allowed to go to Farne island which lay some miles away in the North sea.

Eventually he wished to retire from the other brethren to concentrate on prayer. At first he moved onto a small islet next to the monastery but cut off from it at high tide. This is called St Cuthbert’s Isle.