Bishop of Lindisfarne

Cuthbert became Bishop of Lindisfarne which covered North Northumbria.
He was only Bishop for two years.  He was consecrated Bishop at York by Theodore Archbishop of Canterbury at Easter, 26th March 685.  There were six bishops and the king Ecgfrith in attendance.
As bishop he continued to preach.  It was also his duty to consecrate priests and buildings. He consecrated a Nunnery at Dacre, now in Cumbria.
Less than two months after his consecration on 20 May 685 Cuthbert was in Carlisle with Queen Iurminburg who was staying at her sister’s monastery while King Ecgfrith crossed the River Forth to invade Pictland. While being shown around the roman remains of Carlisle, including the remarkable fountain, Cuthbert had a vision that the King had been killed and his army was defeated.  It proved to be true. 

Another time at Carlisle while consecrating priests he met his friend the hermit Herebert who lived on the island named after him on Derwentwater near Keswick.

Herebert prayed that he would not outlive Cuthbert and he was to die on the same day.

When Cuthbert himself felt death approaching he lay down his duties and retired to Farne Island.