Posted Date: Jan 29, 2021

The AGM on 4 February will consider this important resolution on the future of the Association.

Special resolution on the future of the Northumbrian Association

 The Northumbrian Association was originally formed in the mid 1990s and became a registered charity in 2003. The original objective of the Association was to secure the return of the Lindisfarne Gospels to the North East. Working closely with local partners arrangements have been agreed with the British Library for the Gospels to return to the region every 7 years.

 The Association also commissioned and created a replica of St Cuthbert’s Banner which was presented to Durham Cathedral in 2012 and hangs in pride of place at the entrance to the tomb of St Cuthbert in the Cathedral. The Banner also plays a key part in the annual St Cuthbert’s Walk, supported by Northumbrian Water, from Chester-le-Street to the Cathedral in March each year.

 The annual Hotspur Award for those who ‘through bold endeavour’ have done something to benefit or raise the profile of the North East and the Writers Award, generously supported by the Gillian Dickenson Trust, have also been key elements of the Association’s activities.

 Despite the support for those individual activities it has been a challenge over recent years to maintain momentum and the level of interest in the Association. The Trustees have therefore concluded it is time to formally dissolve the Association.

 In reaching that decision the Trustees were mindful of the ongoing support in particular for the St Cuthbert’s Day Walk and the Hotspur Award.  They are pleased to confirm that arrangements have been made for Durham Cathedral to take on responsibility for the walk and the Hotspur Award will continue as part of the prestigious North East Business Executive of the Year awards.

 The Associate has not collected membership fees for some time now, however, it is likely that a small balance of circa £1500.00 will remain on dissolution. In order to appropriately recognise the legacy of the Northumbrian Association, the trustees propose that the remaining funds are donated to support the Northern Saints walking trails (  The trustees have worked with Durham Cathedral and Visit County Durham to ensure that the Northumbrian Association is formally recognised as a founding donor of these important historic walks and that the content of the Northumbrian Association website will live on as it is replicated on the Northern Saints website.

 The Trustees propose the following resolution:

  1. That members approve the dissolution of the Northumbrian Association.
  2. That any remaining funds following wind up of the charity are donated to the Northern Saints walking trails project.