2019 Hotspur Award

Posted Date: Nov 16, 2019

John and Irene Hays awarded the Hotspur Award for 2019.

This year the Association partnered with the Journal for the Hotspur Award and it was presented at the North East Business Executive Awards evening on 13th November. The Hotspur Award is given to a person or organisation that has “through bold endeavour” done something to significantly benefit or raise the profile of the North East.

This year's Award was to John and Irene Hays. John and Irene have an excellent reputation for the way in which they have built and led Hays Travel, proudly based here in the north east, over many years. That would itself have made them strong candidates for the Hotspur Award but the way in which they stepped in recently to rescue the retail operations of Thomas Cook was a true demonstartion of bold endeavour and the judges were unanimous in making the award to them.

Congratulations to John and Irene and best wishes from the Association, we look forward to hearing of your continued success.