2018 St Cuthbert's Day Walk

Posted Date: Apr 10, 2018

The Walk on 17 March 2018 saw, for the first time in six years, the weather turning against us. Walkers came prepared for the worst and were right to do so. Huge thanks to those that supported despite the snow and sleet.

Over the years those taking part in the walk from Chester-le-Street to Durham have had to endure some very challenging weather conditions; March can also be the cruellest month. However, since the Northumbrian Association re-created the Banner of St Cuthbert and introduced it in pride of place at the head of the procession from the Market Place to the Cathedral in 2012 the rain, sleet and snow have been notable by their absence; until this year.

Whilst conditions on the day undoubtedly prevented a number of walkers from being able to get to Chester-le-Street a good group of hardy folk did set off for Finchale on the way to Durham. If ever a day called to mind the saying that there is no such thing as the wrong weather just the wrong clothing then this was it. Fortunately all of the walkers were well prepared.

In addition to impacting on the number of walkers the bad weather also meant the Banner of St Cuthbert couldn't take its normal place leading the procession to the Cathedral. But with the musicians taking the lead and the walkers joined by the Civic party and others the procession moved from the Market Place to the Cathedral where the Banner was waiting and all received a warm welcome.

After a short service of welcome, shown below, the Banner was returned to sit alongside the tomb of St Cuthbert.

Photos courtesy of John Attle