'Spirit of the North;in praise of Northumbria by Northumbrians'

Posted Date: Jul 24, 2014

The publication of a book of inspirational prose and poetry.

  ' SPIRIT OF THE NORTH; in praise of Northumbria by Northumbrians'

   The Northumbrian Association is delighted to announce the publication of this beautiful book of inspirational prose and poetry about places and people iconic to the region known as Northumbria, so named after the ancient kingdom created by King Oswald in the 7th Century and which embraces the area between the Rivers Tweed and Tees.

 Remarkably,the book includes writing of all age groups, from 10 year olds to octogenarians,all reflecting the writers' deep knowledge,familiarity,appreciation and ownership of their region.

It is illustrated with photographic images by Graeme Peacock, a highly respected and well known photographer of North East landscapes,and published by a local company,Team Valley Printers, whose vision and care has resulted in a beautiful,glossy 'coffee table' book.

'Northumbrian Heritage' based on the Blagdon Estate have agreed to distribute the Book on our behalf, which means it will be available soon in the National Trust Properties' shops in the area,Tyne and Wear Museum shops as well as Tourist Information Centres.By doing this we have eliminated postage and packaging costs which were considerable.The retail cost will be in the region of £9.99.

  The following Authors are featured in the book,named below in order of appearance.

                      ADULTS.                                                 CHILDREN.

 Barry Stewart                                                         Chloe Graham

 Anne Bryce( Tess Lynch)                                          Collaborative writing from Years 3 and 6,

                                                                              St Mary and St Thomas Aquinas R.C Primary.

 Ian Young                                                                 Lee Mather

 Maurice Holliday                                                      Beth Nichol

 Susan Johnson                                                         Chelsea Moody

 Alistair Hetherington                                                Christian Knudsen

 Brian Hall                                                                Liam Pritchard

 Marion Bridgewood                                                  Joshua Dixon

 Rachel Barnwell                                                       Eleanor Piches

 Barry Carter                                                            Connor Kennedy

 David Coulthard                                                       James Dillon

 Noreen Rees                                                            Jessica Ritchie

 Audrey Barton                                                         Alice Graham

 Keith Robson                                                           Ellen Dawson

 Phillip Chambers                                                      Laurie Atkinson

 Gary Leach                                                              Bethan Donaghue

 Christina Bilton-Bates                                               Ellen Hardie

 David Clark                                                              Luke Avis

 Robert Crosby                                                          Bethany Woods

 Anonymous 'The cost of Coal'                                    Daniel Young

 Lucy Rolfe                                                               Jason Jones

 Carole Wakenshaw                                                  Corey Badminton

 Pru Heathcote                                                         Rachel Hunter

 Jack Boke                                                               Hayley Simpson

                                                                              Ivo Friesleben